What is Global Village Solar?

Professional Solar & Energy Conservation Consultation

With over 11 years of experience in solar and conservation energy consultations, Global Village Solar was created to help you find your way through the process of learning about solar and alternative energy solutions.

Knowing what is available and how to make those systems work for your energy needs should be your goal. We help you find those solutions and offer a variety of options to fit your specific needs.

  • Are you considering a DIY installation?
    You should require that any DIY system you are considering is a complete system with everything you need to install and make operational
  • Wholesale Equipment?
    Find the largest wholesale selection of Solar panels and accessories Info Link
  • Installed Solar?
    Are you shopping a professionally installed solar system for your home or business? Comparison shopping is important and we can help you navigate the many options that are available and make recommendations that fit your specific needs. Info Link

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